Responding to Water Vulnerabilities at Home and Abroad

TitleResponding to Water Vulnerabilities at Home and Abroad
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsCarolini GY
JournalGeorgetown Journal of International Affairs
Date PublishedApril/2020

The peculiar expansion of household-level water-related vulnerabilities in middle- and high-income urban settings is rooted in the weaknesses of institutional governance long criticized by environmental justice advocates, and, in such contexts, materialized in the nature of how drinking water-related crises and solutions are (and are not) defined, particularly with regard to affordability and accessibility.  For example, the traditional perception of the US as an advanced nation with universal water coverage belies a darker truth about the lack of social safety nets for low-income households, including protection against the possibility of water shut-offs, and more insidiously, the threat of losing one’s home to foreclosure when cities choose to sell water liens at auction to the highest predatory bidder.